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Group bookings!

Here at HIVE Paintball, we provide group bookings at an

affordable price, accommodating birthday groups, school groups, stag-do's, hen parties, and corporate paintball.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best premium experience focused on competition pro-style paintball found nowhere else, With game modes inspired by digital content such as console games and online series, you'll be arriving and leaving with a smile!

        HIVE Paintball Venues

      -coming soon to 2023-

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The Player Pathway Programme

If you enjoyed your experience as much as we do, the HIVE pathway program is our three-week course teaching you the fundamentals of tournament paintball over three 6 hour lessons. After finishing the course, the ready player is able to join a team of their choice in the supporting team's section and start playing in tournements!

 Made for you. Made for the player.

Our website has a members feature that allows teams, coaches, and players to connect with each other by direct messaging in the chat feature. This allows new players to connect with other players or free players looking to get involved in more competition paintball.

Members can gain different badges that are collected from various scenarios. They can display if a new player is tournament-ready from completing the crash course or whether they are looking to buy, sell or trade fair deals on the forum. 

The Beginners Blog

Learn everything you need to know here.

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